obývací pokoj s jídelnou

Unique combination of flats and office units for sale in the historical part of Písek


The functionalist building is gradually undergoing a complete reconstruction. New flats, studios (housing and business opportunities) and commercial premises are being built within this complex. Given that the completion of the construction is planned for July 2019, candidates can significantly apply specific construction requirements. Under the supervision of a renowned architectural office, the individual units are designed as cleanly as possible to maintain maximum flexibility of individual adjustments. Moderate lines and very good lighting conditions ensure a pleasant atmosphere in all units. Natural materials and the latest technology are designed throughout the building. The building is operated by central hot-water heating connected to gas condensing boilers. The whole building is a new water supply. Common parts of the house are designed very airy and timeless. Each apartment has a cellar.

The existing building of the House At the Three Crowns was built in 1933 by the wholesaler Alois Erhart, designed by the Prague architect Jan Šebánek, a native of Písek. The building was built on the site of an architecturally remarkable house whose origin dates back to the second half of the 13th century. The building in the functionalist style consisted of a three-storey house with a gable roof. The original intention was to create a modern department store, but a year after its opening there was a hotel and restaurant. The street building was followed by a two-storey extension of the Koruna (later Eye) cinema, accessible through a glass passage in the middle of the house layout. During the reconstruction in 1995 the courtyard extension of the cinema was demolished and a second four-storey cellarless building connected to the original one on the whole ground floor was built instead. On the other floors, the buildings are connected only by a covered central corridor. An atrium was created on both sides of the building to illuminate the rooms on the upper floors of the courtyard. Construction work does not interfere with the existing volume layout of the building. Basic division of the house
is left. The ground floor remains a commercial parterre with a central passage and office and residential units are designed on each floor. The basement is left for the technical background of the house and storage space. The interconnecting corridors on the 1st - 3rd floors are converted into lockable conservatories with the possibility of passage for the owners of adjacent units. The existing hydraulic lift is replaced by a traction lift with a motor at the top of the shaft. The individual units are designed in the most versatile way with regard to the position of the installation shafts, so that any internal individual adjustments can be made and at the same time there is no disposition change towards the public space of the corridor. The building remains wheelchair accessible from the square. All floors are accessible by lift. The ground floor is designed for disabled toilet. The project documentation respects the essential points of Decree No. 398/2009 Coll. On general technical requirements ensuring barrier-free use of buildings.
контракт Pасположение этаж Жилая площадь Терраса / балкон сад цена
UTK-A01/II4 1+kt 2-ой этаж 65 m2 Нет / Нет Нет 3 599 750 CZK больше
UTK-A03/6 3+kt 2-ой этаж 97 m2 Нет / Нет Нет 4 862 500 CZK больше
UTK-6/I 1+kt 2-ой этаж 57 m2 Нет / Нет Нет RESERVATION больше
UTK-6/II 2+kt 2-ой этаж 45 m2 Нет / Нет Нет 2 255 000 CZK больше
UTK-A04/7 4+kt 2-ой этаж 103 m2 Нет / 6 m2 Нет RESERVED больше
UTK-7/I 1+kt 2-ой этаж 59 m2 Нет / Да Нет RESERVED больше
UTK-7/II 1+kt 2-ой этаж 40 m2 Нет / Нет Нет RESERVED больше
UTK-A01/I/9 1+kt 2-ой этаж 91 m2 Нет / Нет Нет 5 014 900 CZK больше
UTK-A05/10 1+kt 3-ий этаж 60 m2 Нет / Да Нет SOLD больше
UTK-A05/15 2+kt 3-ий этаж 85 m2 Нет / Да Нет SOLD больше
UTK-A06/11 1+kt 3-ий этаж 38 m2 Нет / Нет Нет 2 033 000 CZK больше
UTKA08/12 4+kt 3-ий этаж 99 m2 Нет / Нет Нет RESERVED больше
UTK-12/I 1+kt 3-ий этаж 57 m2 Нет / Нет Нет RESERVED больше
UTK-12/II 2+kt 3-ий этаж 45 m2 Нет / Нет Нет RESERVED больше
UTK-A09/13 4+kt 3-ий этаж 97 m2 Нет / Да Нет RESERVED больше
UTK-13/I 1+kt 3-ий этаж 59 m2 Нет / Да Нет RESERVED больше
UTK-13/II 1+kt 3-ий этаж 40 m2 Нет / Нет Нет RESERVED больше
UTK-A10/16 1+kt 4-ый этаж 61 m2 Нет / Да Нет SOLD больше
UTK-A10/21 2+kt 4-ый этаж 86 m2 Нет / Да Нет SOLD больше
UTK-B05/17 1+kt 4-ый этаж 38 m2 Нет / Нет Нет SOLD больше
UTK-A13,B06/18 4+kt 4-ый этаж 97 m2 Нет / Нет Нет RESERVED больше
UTK-18/I 1+kt 4-ый этаж 46 m2 Нет / Нет Нет RESERVED больше
UTK-18/II 2+kt 4-ый этаж 54 m2 Нет / Нет Нет RESERVED больше
UTK-B07/19 3+kt 4-ый этаж 88 m2 Нет / Да Нет 5 915 250 CZK больше
UTK-B08/22 1+kt 5-ый этаж 60 m2 Нет / Нет Нет 3 751 000 CZK больше
UTK-B09/24 2+kt 5-ый этаж 85 m2 Нет / Нет Нет SOLD больше

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