Rent of a business unit, 640 sqm, Nehvizdy - Prague-East

115 200 CZK /

О собственности

Our company offers for rent a business unit and a total size of 640 sqm. It is located in the central part of the hall. The front of the unit is completely glazed. It provides good visibility to the product range inside the unit. Possibility to build office space and showroom. The hall is divided into separate units. The ideal use of the hall is for the company headquarters or a showroom. Each unit has a commercial area and facilities with its own toilet.

Technical specification of premises:
- upper floor area of ​​88 sqm
- Ground floor area of ​​363 sqm
- internal clear height 6.2 m
- industrial dust-free floor
- walls PUR panel th. 100 mm, U = 0.2 W / sqm K
- heat insulated roof
- glass shop window with entrance and additional separate entrance to supply the unit
- heating of the heat pump with ceiling units
- building with energy label of category B
- sanitary facilities
- parking

The hall is designed as steel assembled and is insulated with a peripheral sheath of PUR panels th. 100 mm (U = 0.2 W / sqm K). Partitions between the units are plasterboard with double decking th. 150 mm. Other partitions are also plasterboard th. 100 mm. The floors are made of polished concrete with a load capacity of 5 t / sqm. In each unit there are 2x4 m roof skylights that provide adequate lighting.
Номер заказа: N5202
Цена: 115 200 CZK /
+ services + VAT
Адрес: Středočeský kraj, Nehvizdy, Nehvizdy
Этаж: 1-ый этаж
Тип: коммерческий
Полезная площадь: 640 m2
Тип собственности:
Парковка: Парковка на улице

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