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32 design apartments in the Nad Černými Lesy Residence, Prague-East


In Kostelec nad Černými lesy, only 40 km from the center of Prague and 17 km from the Říčany railway station, a new residential project of 32 apartments, Rezidence Nad Černými lesy, will be built, which will be exclusively for sale in our office. The apartments will be energy efficient, have coherent layouts, front gardens, balconies, and terraces. New residents will have parking available on the property and individual cellars. The town offers all civic amenities and services, near the Billa store and the nearby forests and nature a stone's throw away.

The three-story residence with a barrier-free elevator adheres to futuristic architecture fulfilling the parameters of sustainability, the pleasant appearance is divided by meaningful elements. It offers a total of 32 apartments, designed for comfortable living with open living rooms connected to the kitchen and dining room, each of which has access to either its own front garden, balconies, or terrace. The apartments are generously bright via French windows; they also include plenty of storage space (pantry, space for built-in wardrobes).

The shape and location of the house respond to the surrounding buildings and orientation to all cardinal points. The house faces the green areas of the front gardens (western part) and the common garden (eastern part) and is shielded from the adjacent road by covered parking spaces, which are covered with greenery, both on the roofs and on vertical structures. Greenery thus becomes an important element of the building and an integral part of the architecture takes care of the stability of the area and prevents overheating of some areas.

The town of Kostelec nad Černými lesy provides everything you need for a comfortable life. Here you will find all civic amenities (schools, kindergartens, doctors incl. veterinary, restaurants, supermarkets, post office, bank, etc.), great transport accessibility to Prague – 30 minutes by car to the station Černý Most, 49 minutes by car to the center of Prague, by bus to the Háje station within 30 minutes, from the train station in Říčany 27 minutes to the Main railway station in Prague. A great advantage is also the beautiful surrounding nature and the possibility of sports. Nearby, there are, for example, Voděrady beech forests (popular for mushroom pickers or lovers of long walks), a natural swimming pool in Vyžlovka Jevanosko, the Šembery valley or Jevanosko, where you can walk or go by bike. Near Kostelec, enthusiastic golfers will also satisfy their needs – there is an 18-hole golf course Molitorov.
контракт Pасположение этаж Жилая площадь Терраса / балкон сад цена
RK1-01 2+kt 1-ый этаж 56 m2 Нет / Нет Да (35 m2) RESERVATION больше
RK1-02 1+kt 1-ый этаж 33 m2 Нет / Нет Да (21 m2) 2 676 951 CZK больше
RK1-03 2+kt 1-ый этаж 56 m2 Нет / Нет Да (34 m2) RESERVATION больше
RK1-04 2+kt 1-ый этаж 54 m2 Нет / Нет Да (95 m2) 4 836 654 CZK больше
RK1-05 4+kt 1-ый этаж 78 m2 Нет / Нет Да (124 m2) 6 962 928 CZK больше
RK1-06 3+kt 1-ый этаж 64 m2 Нет / Нет Да (51 m2) 5 513 928 CZK больше
RK1-07 3+kt 1-ый этаж 64 m2 Нет / Нет Да (51 m2) 5 511 567 CZK больше
RK1-08 3+kt 1-ый этаж 69 m2 Нет / Нет Да (47 m2) 5 658 345 CZK больше
RK1-09 3+kt 1-ый этаж 70 m2 Нет / Нет Да (102 m2) 5 991 330 CZK больше
RK1-10 2+kt 1-ый этаж 44 m2 Нет / Нет Да (24 m2) RESERVATION больше
RK2-11 2+kt 2-ой этаж 56 m2 Нет / 9 m2 Нет RESERVATION больше
RK2-12 1+kt 2-ой этаж 33 m2 Нет / 4 m2 Нет RESERVATION больше
RK2-13 2+kt 2-ой этаж 56 m2 Нет / 9 m2 Нет RESERVATION больше
RK2-14 2+kt 2-ой этаж 54 m2 Нет / 15 m2 Нет 4 003 587 CZK больше
RK2-15 4+kt 2-ой этаж 78 m2 Нет / 21 m2 Нет 5 739 052 CZK больше
RK2-16 3+kt 2-ой этаж 64 m2 Нет / 11 m2 Нет 4 597 574 CZK больше
RK2-17 3+kt 2-ой этаж 64 m2 Нет / 6 m2 Нет 4 465 922 CZK больше
RK2-18 3+kt 2-ой этаж 69 m2 Нет / 10 m2 Нет 4 722 705 CZK больше
RK2-19 3+kt 2-ой этаж 70 m2 Нет / 16 m2 Нет RESERVATION больше
RK2-20 2+kt 2-ой этаж 44 m2 Нет / 10 m2 Нет 3 095 395 CZK больше
RK2-21 2+kt 2-ой этаж 60 m2 Нет / 14 m2 Да (58 m2) 5 196 754 CZK больше
RK2-22 3+kt 2-ой этаж 65 m2 Нет / 15 m2 Да (65 m2) 5 975 233 CZK больше
RK3-23 3+kt 3-ий этаж 73 m2 Нет / 20 m2 Нет RESERVATION больше
RK3-24 2+kt 3-ий этаж 45 m2 Нет / 12 m2 Нет RESERVATION больше
RK3-25 4+kt 3-ий этаж 90 m2 80 m2 / Нет Нет 7 858 813 CZK больше
RK3-26 3+kt 3-ий этаж 64 m2 Нет / 6 m2 Нет 4 706 490 CZK больше
RK3-27 3+kt 3-ий этаж 64 m2 Нет / 11 m2 Нет 4 852 994 CZK больше
RK3-28 3+kt 3-ий этаж 69 m2 Нет / 6 m2 Нет 4 969 104 CZK больше
RK3-29 3+kt 3-ий этаж 70 m2 Нет / 24 m2 Нет RESERVATION больше
RK3-30 2+kt 3-ий этаж 44 m2 Нет / 10 m2 Нет 3 691 169 CZK больше
RK3-31 2+kt 3-ий этаж 60 m2 Нет / 14 m2 Нет 4 727 363 CZK больше
RK3-32 3+kt 3-ий этаж 65 m2 Нет / 20 m2 Нет 5 149 280 CZK больше

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